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‘End’ of summer

So, Tommy, my son, will be starting school soon. The 13th is a few days away and have not received papers from his school. Guess I have to call soon. This can only mean trouble. I am really looking into different schools anyway because I don’t like that they don’t push him to learn. His last school really worked him hard and I so miss them. There is also no summer school at this school which I don’t understand whatsoever! Who doesn’t do summer school for Autistic kids, even if it’s just a month and half days?

I miss his old school SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much. All the teachers and aides were great. That is an understatement by the way. I feel so bad I took Tommy away from that. He loved going to school and his teachers and they loved Tommy. Tommy was a ‘favorite’ at his school. I looked at pictures a few days ago from the old school, of trips and such, I just cried because I felt so bad that we moved to this crappy place that I have nothing good to say about. The only thing I can say is at least we tried. If we stayed in NJ, I’d keep wondering if it would’ve worked out or not. A lot of people at my job and Tommy’s school said not to, but I HAD to give it a try anyway. At least I’m trying to be positive still. At least I can see it as a learning experience. I take that 1 thing back, I’m loving this hot heat everyday. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!! I do not miss the ice and sleet. If I could’ve stayed home during the snow til it all melted away, I would’ve never left NJ.


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A son with autism, a younger daughter, husbands daughter, her baby and boyfriend live with us.

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