Summer once again in Florida



I know I haven’t written in almost a year. Very sad! Haven’t had the time or energy. So here we again in FL. I’m loving the heat, tho the kids and ‘the man’ hate it. Or should I say, can’t tolerate it. We were planning on moving to KS(or just out of FL) in the spring. But because I didn’t make enough and I didn’t think to put the kids on ‘the mans’ taxes, we are stuck here til next tax return. Tho I was told that IRS is making a lot of changes next year as well. So we shall see what we shall see. We realize no place is perfect, we just want to do better than what we did before. We are defintely NOT doing better here. Tommy is off of school again and doing much better this year than last! Thankfully. He actully want to go out as last year he didn’t even want to go in the pool we had in the backyard, much less anywhere else. We are also in a cheaper place. Just wish we had done it sooner!